Throughout vacation I have been brainstorming and reflecting not only on CAS but also on my way of life in the past trimester. I have thought about my studying, dedication to school, dedication to CAS, dedication to friends, and my overall intentions for the trimester. I wanted to see if I had accomplished all of the goals I had previously set for myself. I realized that in the end of the trimester I had started to lose my focus and began prioritizing things that in my opinion are no longer priorities. Throughout this break I have used my time to get my priorities straight and set new goals. Not only have I set these goals I have done things to ensure I accomplish them. CAS is a smaller reflection of my life. It is a priority that I sometimes lose sight of. When this happens not only do I suffer but so do my grades and society. My new CAS project is creating a machine that stuffs eco bricks. This is something that can benefit the world and help it evolve in a positive manner. Over break I have not been as active in my life as I had wished to be. I have been going to the beach and ensuring that I am having fun. However I have not been doing things such as running and swimming. This is something I know I will change once school starts. These two activities are both extremely important in my life. Doing them gives me time to think things over and better my physical and mental health simultaneously. My new CAS project has been something that I haven’t stopped thinking about. When I go to the beach or walk around in Tamarindo I constantly see plastic everywhere. It reminds me why I am doing this project and helps me stay dedicated. Over this break I did a lot of research online about new things that others are doing to help reduce plastic. Some things I found were the use of plastic bottles for lights and the use of bamboo products to avoid using plastic bottles at all. The world is working to try and find a solution to the problem of plastic pollution. While researching about the world and the efforts being taken to solve the plastic pollution I came across what my community is doing. Currently local communities are creating recycling programs that pay people to recycle! This is a big step forward for Costa Rica. I’m not sure why but after seeing this I felt more secure about my project. It made me feel as though it is a plausible and possible way to help fix the problem. As this trimester begins I will be making a machine that breaks down plastic. It will cost about 300 dollars overall. Once I do this I will try to encourage more people to get involved with my new eco bricking project. Hopefully once more people are involved together we will figure out a way to make stuffing eco bricks an easier and simpler process.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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