Communication Leads To Success

This week we focused on the re-modeling of our youth center, and the first main step to the remodeling is paint! The area of our youth center is pretty scattered and it will definitely be challenge to paint due to high and dirty walls. We are bringing in people that aren’t part of this project but that are part of the community to help us paint the center in order for us to achieve the goal of the deadline of our opening. Having a larger amount of people in the youth center to help will help the process of the remodeling go quicker in a fun and non-rushed way. How did we get the people from the community to help us? We made sure we spread the word; letting everyone our deadline and we need the help of the community to reach that goal. To reach that goal of succeeding a successful youth center with the help of the community, we need to communicate with different communities and give them as much information for them to be fully aware of what the point of the youth center is? How it will benefit our community? What help do we need from the people we are communicating with? These are the main aspects and important information that needs to be communicated to our community whether it’s through the use of social media( facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc…) or through the use of posters and handmade items that our community can see everyday. We need to communicate not just with the people part of this project but with our community!

Communication is key to building a successful business with a group of people; communication needs to be happening 24/7 with the people part of the project because information needs to be transfered to every person within the project. This youth center project isn’t about working individually, it’s about working with your peers and elders and creating something beneficial and successful for the community and it’s not that easy to create project so big on your own and this is why communication needs to be a constant key element within our project. How do I communicate with the people that are in this project? In the beginning, the platform used to communicate was email. If there was any sort of new plans, changes, new important information, idea, etc.. This information would be communicated and transfered through an email. Email’s got a little complicated and not so effective so we moved to whatsapp; We have created a group chat with all the people that are part of this project in order for information such as ideas, changes and plans can communicated in an efficient and fast way to everyone.

In this group chat we have all the people that are part of this project and ever since we decided to get this group chat it’s been highly effective and we’ve managed to transfer necessary and important information trough the use of this chat!

When it comes to communicating to the community, we want to find ways to communicate in a diverse and non-dull way; meaning we want to transfer and communicate to our communities in a way for them to feel more than just ecstatic to come and participate at our center. How do we do this? We don’t just want to communicate through the use of social media but it’s definitely one of the main sources of communication now at days. People in our world are starting to rely on social media platforms to receive important information and to use for personal uses. We have communicated mostly through the use of facebook because a lot of elders use this media and use other media platforms much less than teenagers do; and if we want to transfer information for everyone to see in our community it would be through the use of facebook.

We want to also communicate with our community in person, that seems impossible? The way we want to accomplish this, is through meeting with a few people of every community such Flamingo, Villa real, Brasilito and Tamarindo, ask them what are there preferences and what they are interested in. We want to benefit the community by knowing what the community wants out of this project whether it’s what games do they enjoy, what are they things they do in order to enjoy themselves in their free time? What should be part of the youth center for them to participate? These are the answers we need from these communities in order for our business to grow and become a place that everyone wants to go to.

In this project, I see myself more as a leader not just because it’s my CAS project but because the way I communicate with the people within this project and to the community. I’m in charge of making sure everything goes as planned and for this project to benefit the community successfully; for that to happen a lot of commitment and leadership needs to go into the process and that’s the person I see myself compared to the way I handle other projects. This project is definitely one of the most challenging but most inspiring projects I have ever been apart of and through this CAS project I’m learning on how to grow as an individual. When I’m usually doing other projects, I don’t grow as a person, I just get the work done and turn it in. This CAS project is what is going to make me become a mature individual and I’m going to learn necessary and useful life lessons for the future which aren’t learning outcomes I get out of other projects I have done in the past or that I still do on the side. Working with other people and learning from their perspectives is another aspect that is different than other projects I have done. As I am working and communicating with these people, I learn to absorb and observe the way they handle situations and apply those ways to handle my own. Through this amazing project, it’s not just benefitting the community but it’s also benefitting me as a person, I learn new important aspects that will help me in the future; one of the major aspects being learned and observed by me is communication. I as a person tend to have difficulties when it comes to communicating in effective ways, but through this project I’m learning and have already changed as a communicator.

I am more than just happy to be part of this project, once again it’s not just benefitting different communities but it’s also benefitting every individual that is part of this project. Learning outcomes are educating each and everyone of us and is helping us grow as better human beings. I’m also more than just grateful to be working with the people that are part of this project, they have helped grow this project so successfully and with their knowledge and ways of communicating and handling situations, I absorb those observations and apply them to my own academic and personal self.

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