Scuba Diving Activity

This vacation, my family and I went traveling to Belize and Guatemala. One of the things that I really looked forward to was diving in the Caribbean, specifically, the Blue Hole (where I was 39 meters deep, a personal record). I also dived the Half Moon Rock, and the Aquarium, both beautiful corals with beautiful sea life. I saw my first two sea turtles, and around 10 reef sharks. These were my 33rd, 34th, & 35th dives, I have been an avid diver since my first year here. The first 32 dives were here in Costa Rica, I got my Open Water Licence here, and my Advanced Open Water Licence here, which is why it was so incredible to finally be able to dive somewhere else, especially an incredible place like the Caribbean, especially the Blue Hole, where I saw incredible stalactites which were HUGE. I am very happy to have been able to do these dives, and it was especially incredible as I was able to enjoy it fully, as I have a lot of experience, and I would not have been able to dive so deep if I hadn’t had so much practice, legally, I had to have at least 30 dives to go that deep. Anyway, I am very happy, and proud of myself that I was able to and skilled enough to go diving so deep and to such a wonderful place.

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