Creativity During Spring Break!

During this spring break, as part of my CAS requirement and n general for fun I decided to include some sort of art or anything creative really; that was either created by me or in which I took part in. As a part of the IB diploma program I am taking HL art, ths I have mentioned in previous entries. Before leaving for break in art we were looking at photography we were in the photography unit, in which I had many projects assigned which obviously included photography, also included films, edits and overall just the experimentation of the media. While working on this unit I further discovered that to get a good picture or a “cool” one if you will; you don’t NEED the most expensive camera, or a really profesional one. It sure does wonders and you can’t take really good pictures but thanks to technology today we have phones with cameras, some as good and some better than professional cameras. So, I decided to continue experimenting and taking photographs; they could be of the simplest thing but I had planned to eit them and explore some effects perhaps. That is exactly what I did and what better time than during vacation; though I had free time for the past 3 weeks I did have a lot of school work and had to help my parents at home a little more than usual, but I still found a way to take advantage of those few (but much enjoyed moments) in which I wasn’t at home but I also took advantage of the ones at home by taking pictures of my little brother Samuel and his buddy Leo!. I also took pictures of Miss Kalah (a family friend also Leo’s mom), myself with some back lighting which I thought was pretty cool, a beautiful sunset in the background while my dad was lounging on a chair enjoying his few days off and I even took pictures of a family lunch we had for my 2nd cousins 28th birthday, her, her mom, brother and husband visit us often during this time f the year, but this year she (along with her husband) lucky got some days off from work which in past years weren’t able t due to the fact that they are both doctors!. But I am getting a little side tracked here, the point is that The lunch was made by her mom and it looked beautiful so I thought I’d also take a picture of that!. Other than that here are the pictures in which some you will be able to observe an effect.

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