Bread Creativity

So in Slovakia, I started making my own yeast (I named it Johnny), and using it to make bread and some pastries. Homemade yeast, has to be fed weekly, depending on how much you feed it, and since I left Slovakia, I had to dry it to keep it safe. I didn’t take it with me as that would be useless as I wouldn’t be able to bake anything as the recipes call for certain types of Slovak flour. The good news of all of this is that my mom went to Slovakia during March, brought back the dried yeast, and brought several packs of specific Slovak flour for specific types of bread, she also brought several Slovak specific foods but I won’t get into that. Point is, I began baking Slovak bread, in Costa Rica. The first time went terrible, the heat made the yeast work faster and when I went to work the dough, it was basically mush, the yeast ate up most of the flour. The second time I did a different recipe_it wasn’t the recipe’s fault, just thought I’d put that info in_ and it went great, except the bottom of the bread stuck to the baking paper. The third time was perfect, I made perfect bread, and I floured the bottom of the bread so that it didn’t stick to the baking paper, and it didn’t… stick as bad. But the good news is I’m back in the baking business of Slovak bread, it is delicious, and I have missed it as they don’t have Slovak bread in Costa Rica for obvious reasons. Also it has been a joy taking care of Johnny again(name of my yeast, to not confuse you).

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