5th grade Journal entry

As I’m getting close to the end of my original funds collected I am thinking of new ways to raise some money to be able to continue doing this work. Within our school each grade has what we call an anchor project, that sort of mimics CAS but as a grade project. The 5th grade class has developed a composting project from which they raised around $200. Last week Ms Amy informed me that they were interested in donating this money to either me or my classmates’ project. In order for the class to make their decision we were asked to come answer some questions about the project. When I got there I realized this wouldn’t be the case, rather it was my space to talk and explain my project while they filled out the questions. Explaining my project spontaneously used to be sort of overwhelming and unsuccessful in my opinion as I didn’t have the words to describe what I was doing, or honestly a clear idea of what my project was. But recently I think it has become much more consolidated in my mind and I’ve become much more effective in giving people a clear understanding of what I’m doing. Overall although I don’t like going into things without a plan the experience and their reaction was positive. Within my presentation I think one thing I shared that was really effective in both giving these kids an understanding of what I’m doing and getting them excited about it was sharing examples and experiences I’ve had with dogs. I shared with them a couple of success stories to explain the type of work I’m currently doing, such as the chihuahua that was adopted by a lovely lady and the puppies/mom who we were able to treat before they died from tick fever. I think the stories really persuaded them to want to use their money to help other dogs as today I found out they are generously donating $100 to my project! 

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