What A Hectic Week!

It’s been two weeks since school has started and all I can see is multiple assignments building off of each other and being assigned daily! CAS is one of the priorities at the moment and it’s what I am focusing on the most because there are a lot of things that are needed to be taken care of before the grand opening of our youth center.

When it comes to planning a big project, a lot of emotions are running through your head such as excitement, fear, happiness and stress. A big project like this can be very exciting but not easy; When I started this project I was more than just excited to get started with it but once I got all the factors that are needed to put into this project such as financial management ( rent, food, electricity,..), advertisement, finding trustworthy volunteers, etc… My excitement for this project is what keeps me motivated to move forward and excel in this CAS project. I’m not so good at working with a group of people meaning I enjoy working individually when it comes to projects because it tends to get very overwhelming when everyone is trying to input all their ideas but I’m learning on how to work effectively in a group.

There were definitely moments during this project in which i said in my head “ Oh, I can do this later” but then realized that I could of just done it now and not in the future because I don’t just have CAS to take care of but five other subjects with multiple assignments for each; and when I had the thought of leaving one factor to be taken care of in this CAS project “later” it ended up building up with all the other work I had to complete for school which wasn’t an effective act from my part. The procrastination in this project made by me won’t just affect myself but everyone else that is part of this project which is something I need to take into consideration; if I’m in charge of doing one specific thing that benefits the whole project then I need to get it done as soon as possible instead of doing it when it suits me. My procrastination can affect everyone else that is part of my project which is something I need to think about and realize for the next time I decide to get my part of the work done.

Motivation is key to keep moving forward specially when it comes to a big project like this in which large tasks are needed to be taken care of in just a short amount of time. In this project, my support group are the people I’m working with and I’m more than just grateful to be working with the people that are part of this project. They keep me motivated and bring in positivity for this project to achieve and be successful which is all I want for this CAS project. How can this CAS project be successful? Our youth center is a safe environment in which teenagers can get together and learn from each other through diverse activities and games that they enjoy doing. Our youth center should attract teenagers into participating and joining our youth center for a time in their day in which they can hangout with their friends and entertain themselves through fun games. Thinking about how this project will benefit the community is what keep me motivated and is what keeps me moving forward, I’m so excited to provide this community with happiness and a time for these young teenagers to enjoy and entertain themselves through activities that they enjoy.

This CAS project is the biggest commitment I’ve ever taken during my 16 years of living, and I’ve been taught many life lessons through the growth of this project. The main educational and life lessons come through challenges and getting out of your comfort zone; I enjoy working individually and I don’t usually take huge commitments like this project. Working with a large amount of people and committing to a large business like this is a huge challenge that needs to be taken seriously and some learning outcomes through the process of creating this project.

Throughout the process of the creation of this project, I have successfully overcome these challenges through hard work and commitment. I haven’t overcome these challenges on my own but with the support of my team members and their positivity that motivates through succeeding and achieving my best. I’ve had moments where I wanted to give up due to the imbalance of IB schoolwork and this CAS project colliding together which had unmotivated me; but again I pushed and work my hardest and through this hard work I’ve been taught helpful life lessons such as how to run a business, motivation is key, working in a group effectively with the support of your team members get’s you to success! I am so thankful to be part of this huge project because i don’t only just learn life lessons and grow as a person but through my hard work and the overcome of challenges, it’s all for a reason which is benefitting the community by giving happiness and entertainment which means all the hard work is extremely worth it!

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