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When I choose to procrastinate, how did that make me feel?
Procrastinating on this project makes me feel really bad and mad at myself, because I really want to actually make this dog training park a reality. I have done small steps, but nowhere near enough, I have most if not all of the costs of the materials, but I don’t know how many of each material I need. That is the first thing to figure out so I know how much money I need to spend on the materials. Then when I know that I can get permission to use the land, and then I can buy the materials and start building the park. Due to my bad habit of procrastinating however, I can’t do any of that and that makes me mad at myself. It would be so easy to figure out how many materials I need and how much money I need, but because of me procrastinating I don’t know those easy things.

Strengths and Areas for Growth:
How did I feel while planning my project?
I felt scared, I doubted that I would be able to do it, there seemed to be so much work to do. Finding land, having to buy the land, figuring out all the materials, fundraising, buying all the materials, constructing the materials into the equipment. Now though, after I started getting work done, and breaking it all down into smaller steps, it doesn’t seem like that much. I don’t need to buy a fence since it will be a leash only zone, I found land that I don’t need to buy as long as I persuade the owner to lend it to me, there aren’t that many materials that need to be bought and there isn’t that much work that needs to be done to construct them into equipment. The most annoying and complicated part was the shade, for which I have decided to use trees. I am feeling much more confident now then I did in the beginning, and I’ll see how it goes.

Schedule for upcoming 2 weeks:
I will finally find the amount of materials I need and the cost that will entail. Along with that I will write down the rules of the park, see if I can borrow some tools from my friends/school and contact Shari about keeping the wood from rotting. Once I have all of this information, I will make a presentation, I will at least schedule a meeting and hopefully also present to Ms. Amy J, Mr. Abel, Shari and the owner of the land Alejandro to let me use his land. Once I have his permission (I’m not sure if this will happen within the 2 weeks), I will buy the materials, and begin construction.

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