Journal Entry

For the next two weeks, we will be hosting a bake sale to raise some money for upcoming events for Terraza. A really important upcoming aspect that will be present soon by may third, the main point of this project of having a leadership team is to teach younger teenagers skills on how to be a leader and how to project that leadership on their surroundings. My project can be important to the world because the purpose of this project is to teach younger teenagers how to work collaboratively with each other and culturally exchange their identities in order to learn from each other and create strong relationships between younger individuals at a young age. The youth center adds true value to the tamarindo community because it shows the principle and importance of the youth and entertainment as well as communication. In the beginning, it was challenging for me to work efficiently with others because I never enjoyed working in groups because I’ve always been more of an individual worker because I never really listened to anyone else’s thoughts and opinions, but only applied my own. During the process of this project, I’ve truly learned how to work with others with the help of my team, I couldn’t of done it without them. I met a few important people that are significantly important within the tamarindo community, and that have crucially helped the growth of Terraza. Ashley has truly helped shape the center into what it has become today. I’m so very proud of what it has become today not just because of the people that were apart of it but because the amount of hard work that was put into Terraza.

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