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Did everyone agree with my project? If not, how did I justify my approach?

The idea of my project went through several different phases, one of them being an idea of where I would create a website that would give the children of CEPIA the opportunity to be sponsored. The idea was to give people a chance to watch a child grow up and see how their money was helping the child or children they chose to sponsor. During a brainstorm, it occured to me that the website could possibly be used for predators to groom and possibly ‘seduce’ children. I realised that there was no realistic way for me to get around that problem, not without significantly more website skills than I currently had or knew how to get. This forced me to rethink my project and come at the same problem from a different angle, which I personally believe that turned out better and for more effectively than my plan at the time. The amount of volunteers that ask to work at CEPIA is astounding. I’m not sure if it was due to the website redesign, but there is at least one or two a week.

How do I make sure that the work that I did endures? Is my project sustainable?

I would say that yes, my project will endure until another upgrade is required. Eventually, hopefully, someone in the future will decide that the website could use a makeover and re-do it in a more modern form. This project is fully sustainable because not only does it help CEPIA give their website a professional look, but also helps them gain volunteers. The website is currently on it’s way to supporting and hosting 3 of the main languages of the world, French, Spanish, and English. I’ve also offered to help fundraise money for the cost of the site, which was $400 USD because of the translation tool I was forced to use, as I could not find any other way.

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