Personal Problems

Being overwhelmed is a large part of CAS. In my past project I had 3 months to gather 600 amazing presents for underprivileged children. Although to some this may not seem very difficult trust me, it is. Before I began this project I had to make a choice if I was going to take on a big challenge or if I was going to choose the easy way out. I went through this process of choosing for a long time. I wrote down my two projects and created a pros and cons list in order to decide which project I wanted to do. My main factor was feeling overwhelmed. Although it was clear that the project I choose was more overwhelming I decided it would be a more effective option in the long run. It would teach me how to take on large responsibility, it helps fix a global issue and it is something I am passionate about. In order to overcome this feeling that I have constantly felt I try and remember why I am doing this and why it is important. This helps me stay focused and it helps me remove some of the stress. However I haven’t found a way to completely overcome this feeling. I think this is a good thing. It helps me stay focused and ensures that I get my work done in order to remove some of this unsettling feeling.

Procrastination is something that used to not be something in my life. However during IB I have learned how to procrastinate. This is extremely unfortunate because it is the time to focus and ensure that you are getting your work done as efficiently as possible in order to avoid a feeling of stress. However I procrastinate. It is just something that happens. In the moments that I am procrastinating I don’t mind. I don’t think much about the consequences and I assume that it will all end up working out. The night before something is due, especially in CAS, my body is filled with an unsettling feeling. I feel as though i’m about to explode. I always get my work done on time. However the quality depends on how much I procrastinate. My main goal for this trimester is to avoid doing this. I will break this habit by writing myself little notes and making reminders on my phone to avoid procrastinating.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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