Week 1: Put the mosquito screen over the tank and fill the tank with water in order to test if it works.

Week 2: Get fish if it works
-Install the germination cups
-Put plants

Working collaboratively is a key element of CAS, there is not project that can be build or executed without working with others. I met a lot of people because of this project, such as Gerald the welder and Enrique the guy that donated the fish tank. Having this project has helped me connect with other classes from the other campus such as the 5th graders which I teach with Lionel and Isa about aquaponics and hydroponics. There are plenty of people that I know that makes me get inspired for example Amy Jacobs and Sean Murray my CAS and Biology teacher.
They inspire me a lot and this is what makes me capable of working and advancing in this project.

Agriculture is a very damaging activity for the planet, it puts chemical on the soil and rivers, it causes deforestation and it kills and manipulate animals. The idea with my project is to show people that agriculture can be done without damaging the planet instead I try helping the planet. I know that my project is sustainable because since I planned it that was one of the principal key elements of the project. With this projected I was able to connect with universities in the other side of the country, which gave me data and tips to make my project better.

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