Cas: How Is Service Involved In Our Project Of Our Youth Center?

What is Service?

Service is one of the key points to the project, how do we help and provide positivity in our community? How do we show this in our project?

One of the main ways we provide service in our Youth Center is we are trying to find a way to entertain teenagers in our community that don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do, there might be kids at our community that aren’t accepted for who they are and don’t have friends. Our Youth Center is being created for this main purpose, a get together in which teenagers between the ages of 13-18 meet each other, get to know each other and make themselves new friends.

Examples on how service has been shown in our community:

– Ocean Cleanups: A large amount of people get together by the beach to clean dirty beaches to provide a healthy environment for the community.

A student that had just graduated has created a CAS project that revolved around the idea of an Ocean Cleanup which is an example of a CAS project that clearly shows Service in a way of providing a healthy community

– Lots of Charity work is done around our community.

At our school for example, the 9th grade class donates food, clothing items, shoes,.. To a community by Liberia named Martina Bustos, where a large amount of people aren’t able to access their necessary needs to survive as much as we can. Every year, the 9th grade class is in charge of providing these necessities for these people, and this shows the act of Service in our community.

– Ecobricks: An ecobrick is an object in which consists of a large plastic bottle that you fill up with plastic wrappers until the bottle is full. What is the point of this? Instead of throwing away useless plastic wrappers, why don’t we stop polluting and make a use of it by creating these ecobricks. What do we do once we have the ecobrick? Once we have collected a solid amount, we can go ahead and build things out of it such as miniture houses where objects can disposed, at our school we have a “surf shack” where surfboards are disposed. Great things are made out ecobricks while making our environment a safer and healthier environment, it’s a one way street.

How will Service be shown in our Youth Center project?

We want to provide a safe place in which our community can get together and meet new people, this is not only fun but health. Getting out of you’re comfort zone and socializing is very healthy for the human body.

There may be a few kids in our community that don’t really have anything to do, or have anyone to hangout with, and might not even want to socialize with anyone but this won’t be happening anymore once our Youth Center comes into place. Our YC, will provide entertaining and get to know each other activites once a week and will be a fun get together for teenagers to meet new people.

Our main goal as a team, we really want to provide not only the Tamarindo community but other communities to get together and meet new people in order to create a healthy, solid, enjoyable bond between different communities in order to provide happiness. Socializing, having a fun time by involving yourself in entertaining activities is always a healthy option, and we as a team want to provide a safe and healthy environment for our community!

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