Risk Journal Entry

I’m going to get straight into this. There’s been a risk in our project that’s really been bothering me for a while. Namely, the fact that Mangroves aren’t good at adapting.
Here’s the thing: Jemma warned us about this phenomena; the more time the Mangroves spend in the nursery, the more resistant they become to change. Meaning that when planted, they have a very high probability of just dying. Our Mangroves had been in the nursery for months now, so Rochelle and I decided to plant a few and see how they fared.
Most of the 40 or so Mangroves we planted are now dry or dead. Now, admittedly we did plant them all pretty near each other, meaning it could be a problem with that area (lack of salt etc), but there’s still a possibility that we overestimated how well the plants would adapt. Basically, in a worst case scenario, planting them into the Mangrove would be a death sentence.
Now THAT is a risk. Imagine hosting our event, where we finally plant the nursed Mangroves into the biome, after so long, only to actually just be executing plant genocide. Yes, an exaggeration, but one that might become reality. I do realise I am coming across very negative, but it’s hard to stay confident in trying times like these.
We are definitely going to go through some big steps in order to assure that the project survives, though. We’ll do research and contact Jemma, and maybe we can find out a solution. We’ll do our best to honour Sebastian and Mayan’s legacy, too.

Afterthought: I do feel like this entry came across as a bit gloomy and dark, but I think that yes, it is due to these concerns, but also a few factors that were going on while writing this post. Namely:

1. It’s late
2. I just finished reading this really dark and messed up series and my mind is all over the place right now. So this journal entry probably reads a lot different than my other ones.

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