Risk Management

Risk management Journal Entry

Agriculture is a beautiful practice, get your hands dirty, look at your crops grow day by day and many other aspects that make agriculture such a unique practice.

But I’ll be honest; Agriculture involves many risks, some of them can be prevented and others are just luck.

I am not sure how to organize this Journal entry; I’ll start by saying all the risks I can think off and the solutions I have for each of them.


Aquaponic system:

-PVC getting damaged
-Pump getting damaged
-Tank getting damaged
-Greenhouse getting damaged
-Danger tools
– Bacteria in crop
– Insects
– Algae
– Not enough nutrients
– Temperature
– Kids


Aquaponic system:

– The PVC woudld get instatly rapair with local materials and tools, production would stop, plants woud be transfered to teh germination enter until it get repaired.
– Plants would get transfered to the germination center, the search of a new pump would start, little motor for fish owuld be installed ASAP.
– Tank would get repaired and filled with water, plants would be ok.
– Green house would get repair ASAP, in order to prevent high temperatures
-If hurt person would be taken to the office for first aid.

-Contact experts from EARTH identify bacteria and then clean or throw away plants.
– Organic insect prevention prevention would be used, green house would get covered ASAP in order to prevent more insects.
– More nutrients would be added.
-Use mosquito screen in order to decrease high temperatures.
– Billboards would be installed.

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