Risk Management

This project was a fairly large risk for me to take, because of the severity of the consequences if I were to fail or to not get it done on time. During the creation of this project, especially while I was doing work that was simply time consuming and not extremely brain power focused (ex. copy and pasting the title page and home information onto the new site) I focused on how I could minimize this risk. In the end, I decided that what I had been doing at the time, which was simply taking all of their old information and putting it into its modern form.

Translating the website was another large risk, partly due to the unknown of how I was going to do it. Creating new sites and translating them was easy, but it was the organization part that was extremely tough for me. I couldn’t create new menus that would change depending on the language chosen, or give an option to actually shift from English to Spanish.

Despite these challenges and the risks I ran, I completed all of my checkpoints for my project and didn’t fail at any point. Thankfully, the bulk of the work is over with, because the website is now up and running and supports 3 languages, French, Spanish, and English which you can switch with just a click of a button. While this project was a ton of work, it is extremely satisfying to be so close to finished.

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