Get Ready Becuase Here We Come!

Risks. In our projects, there are many risks we need to take in consideration. Honestly, in the beginning, we knew the huge risk we were taking. We knew the responsibility and time demand that these two projects needed. As the project’s progress, we have learned the importance of planning and having a plan b if something happens. We have learned to understand that not everything will be perfect and that we have to adapt to certain situations. Ashley and I have done a great job managing the risks in both projects so far. For example, we have had many obstacles with the business that are buying ads and have found many solutions to them. A huge risk we were facing with the yearbook was time. In break, we managed to advance and make so much progress in the yearbook. Whereas for the Cepia Boston Exchange Program project one of the biggest risks is not raising all the money we need. However, Abby helped us so much in order to decrease the probability of this happening. We are truly grateful for that because now we have half of the money and can continue to plan our Bingo night and hopefully raise a lot of money with that event. Another risk we were facing was not being able to have much time to get everything done. But we have managed our time in a way that we make progress and little by little everything falls into place. For example this week we should be knowing who our next possible participant is. We will then meet them and see if they embrace all we stand for. Nonetheless, there are many other risks we don’t really have control over. This is why in CAS class this week we filled out a risk management form in which we outlined most of these risks. For the Boston project, the risks line up from missing a flight, being detained by migration, problems with hosting families, visa denials and getting lost. The people affected by these risks would be Ashley and me as the leaders, Boston organizers, and chaperons. But we have solutions to minimize the risks which are to establish a time to get there, to always stay together, to be ready with the right documentation, making sure the rules are clear and having a medical record. Now, for the yearbook, the risks aren’t as many as we have been working on it and it’s soon to be done. The risks we are facing now are not finishing the yearbook on time, which we truly believe we will be ready soon. The seniors not finishing their pages at a time which has happened in past years, and which we will be finding solutions for. For example, if someone doesn’t finish their page then we will just be adding their photograph and name on a colorful page. And lastly not being able to submit the yearbook to La Nacion to print in their new requirements. Therefore we will be receiving help from Profe Carlos in order to understand those requirements and be able to submit the yearbook. Although the risks are huge in both projects, I believe we can overcome them all. I have faith in our team, and I know that they want these projects to become a reality as much as I. So nothing, not even the most challenging obstacle or risks will keep us from fighting for those children’s dreams. So you obstacle get ready because here we come!

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