Cas: How Does This Youth Center Provide Creativity?

How is Creativity involved in our project?

Involving and using creativity is a crucial part to our project because the steps to creating a youth center involves imagination and an open mind, listening to ideas and coming up with your own. Involving not just your opinion and thoughts but incorporating the ideas of others and creating a vast amount of creative ideas for your project!

How was Creativity shown in the start of this project?

– Using your creative imagination and ideas on starting and finding a project for CAS.

– Once we decided on the chosen project, we had to brainstorm ideas on how we were going to start? what is going to be the location? and who are we going to work with? All these factors come into place once you get started with you’re project and you need to use you’re creative open mind in order to succeed these specific factors.

– The main point of this project is to create a youth center in Tamarindo in which teenagers between the age of 13-18, can get together and learn about each other and provide each others presence with the use of games, activities and more… In order to do this, we need to use our creativity to brainstorm activities that can be involved in this youth center to entertain the people attending our center.

Creative Ideas of activities that can be performed once a week at our youth center:

1. Fongo Bingo: Each person is given a piece of paper and a pen. Everybody is given about 5 minutes to go around the room and collect the names of 6 people in the room they don’t know so well. They must find out 3 things about each person on their sheet (eg. Name, school, about family, pets, worst hair cut, etc.). When everybody has 6 people on their sheet they take their seats again and we play Bingo!

2. Relay in Pictionary: This game is played in teams in which when the game begins, each teams first player runs to the youth leader to get the first word and runs back to their team to draw the word. When the team has successfully guessed the word, the next player runs up to the leader and repeats the process. The team that draws and guesses all of the leader’s words first is the winner.

3. A story: Each player is given the name of an object, a name and a place. The player has a maximum of 3 minutes to tell a story using the object, name and place. The next person in line must continue the story using the names they were given and towards the end you should have created a funny and exciting story.

These are all brainstormed creative ideas that can be made and performed at our youth center to provide constant entertainment and allure other teenagers to join. These are also specific activities in order to get to know and learn about each other which is the main point of this youth center, a get together in order for teenagers to meet other people of their age and have a time where bonding and chill activities are included for a fun time for people of this age.

We really want this project to be as creative as possible in order for teenagers to enjoy themselves, because the main point of this youth center is to really provide entertaining activities for the young instead of staying at their homes and complain about how there is nothing to do in the town of Tamarindo which tends to happen a lot now a days for residents who have lived in the town of Tamarindo for a while and have experienced and done all activities possible in town, this is a new place where young teenagers can experience new ways to meet new people and entertain themselves through games that will be included in our youth center.

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