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Recently we had to start a school club for CCP (College and Carrer Prep), and I partnered up with two of my friends, Noah & Felipe, to create a stress relief club which we call: Loosen, Lessen, Lighten. We do different activities to help people relax, and let the stress out, some of the activities are: meditation, napping, board games, free/creative writing, walks etc. Noah, Felipe and I are the group leaders, so we have to work collaboratively to help people relax. It connects to my CAS project very loosely, with my Math Addict classes, I hope to teach my classmates math, which in turn should make them less stressed about math, and this club is made to make people less stressed. We have to plan activities to help people relax, people will choose what they want to do, we won’t force them to do anything they don’t want to, but we have to plant what we are doing and sometimes that will stretch our creativity, mine especially since I’m kind of awkward with people I don’t know that well. We meet every Monday and Wednesday, and Noah, Felipe and I will be there, helping people out, and having them chill, and relax.

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