Dancing Club!

This entry is not about my Cas project itself, it’s about a club that I have created with 2 of my friends (Melanie and Ashley). Our club consists of providing a space for students to come and have fun while dancing. This is a way to express themselves and it can be used as a stress relief since school can be very stressful at times. Our general goal with this club is to be able to bring members of our community together not only to dance but to become a small family, anyone can come to and feel comfortable with. The club will happen every thursday (starting this Thursday May 16th) during lunch. This club connects to my CAS project because one of my main goals for my project is to inspire others, and embrace the style of different members of our community and help them gain confidence to show their styles of and feel more confident through the creative world of fashion. With this club as a group we have the similar goal except we do it through the energetic world of dance! And as I have mentioned many times before I am a dancer myself so this club allows me to share and teach my passion to other people (mainy younger ones) and perhaps they discover a huge love for dance just like me and many members of our community have already. Ashley, Melanie and myself will be working collaboratively to the best of our abilities, to make this dance journey fun. We have already plan an activity for our first meeting which will be brainstorming!. We are going to gr to know each other (all the members of the cub) and brainstorm in some activities THEY would like to participate in/experience. We have some activities we would like to experiment on in the future: here’s a list of some of the activities that we plan to carry along with the club:
Basic dance moves
Watching dance videos/tutorials
Making small choreographies
Learning specific dance moves
Dances from different cultures
Dance movies and talk about it
And more!
Overall I am super excited to be able to share one of my biggest passions and be able to watch others experience the amazing life journey that is dance.

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