Bio Club And Terraza

I decided to create a BIO club for this project because I truly want to be the leader of something I enjoy personally not just academically but in my spare time. Biology has always been one of the subjects I have been most interested in, I become so fascinated by the sciences and how crucial it is to our daily lives; because of the love I have for biology, I wanted to choose to show this love through this club project, and help others with their own difficulties that they deal with. I also really enjoy helping others that are in need because everyone deserves a chance to prove that the hard work they put in is worth it no matter how difficult it can be. Some students in our school could possibly struggle with biology and comprehending such important yet so much information in a short period of time. Another strength I have is memorizing and taking effective notes, which is something I can teach participants of this club. This club is completely different from Terraza but one of the principle similarities there are between these 2 projects are the passion and success it gives out and teaches the youth of the community. Terraza is not only a youth center where teenagers can meet up but is also a place that allows others to develop a passion for something and learn to not only be a success around others but for yourself. This BIO club will truly help people grow specifically in the way they learn biology because biology can become very complex and frustrating and learning information in a frustrating manner isn’t going to have a positive outcome “exams”. I want to teach these students to love what they learn and not treat biology as another boring subject or class, which is why we are going to teach biology in an entertaining manner, so students can be more confident and ready for future classes and exams. Terraza is a youth center that wants to give back to the community, not just be a location for teenagers to hang out, this youth center has had multiple failures but failing is what leads a business to become successful, being aware of your weaknesses and working on those weak spots is what will help individuals grow and this is what the Bio club and Terraza have in common.

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