I’m Very Close.

This entire project has been me saying that, and then realizing that I’m not even halfway done. However, this time I think it’s true. I’ve gotten the website completely up to date, translated into 3 different languages with no typos or errors. I’ve run into countless snags, bumps, and unexpected errors. The language switcher alone took me at least 2 weeks of emailing to properly set up. Laetitia emailed me with some changes that I needed to find a work around for, and it took some time, but I fixed it.

As far as I’m aware, I only have one more thing I need to do, which is create a tutorial so that anyone at CEPIA can use and update the site. That is something I will need to do at home, because I need a quiet environment. I plan to use Thursdays class as time to write a script and create an outline for what I need to cover. I would like for the video to be between 7 and 10 minutes, because any more and it will because boring/excessive. I think it’ll take me about a week to produce it, simply because of editing, recording, and then uploading and sharing with CEPIA.

I’m hoping that once I’m *officially* done with this project, I could take charge of the wine and gambling night that we are doing as a class. Not as a leader or director, but someone who might put more focus into it. It’s something that really interests me and I would love to be more involved in it.

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