During this project, so much work has been done throughout this process, and there have been ups and downs but from these mistakes, I have learned so much because I’ve learned to grow and gain confidence. At the beginning of this project, there was so much work needed to be done even though we received a head start with our large money donation and having someone like “Ashley“ that has truly helped us throughout the way and the growth of Terraza. I started off as a very stubborn and insecure individual, extremely negative and didn’t believe that this project was going to work out. But as I grew with the project, I’ve learned to mature by becoming more confident with my public speaking as well as accepting others ideas and opinions that they’ve wanted to apply. Because this project consumed so much of my time and was such a big part of my academic life, it really had a huge impact on me as a person and made me realize that I have qualities that I’ve never really thought I would have. Such as how passionate I am about things that are so important to me, I put in the dedication and commitment needed because of passionate I can be, especially this project which was so amazing to build and how important it is to the community. Another quality that I hadn’t been aware of previously was drive, meaning that sometimes I tend to quit or give up on some things I can’t figure out but when I’m so focused on creating something that is not only so important but will give back to people somehow, the drive I put into this project was evident and turned out amazing. I truly admire these traits because in the future I’m going to need to use these qualities in order to be successful, especially in the workforce. I will use them in college, for what I want to do as a career, a lot of hard work and dedication is needed during college before actually getting the job so studying, hard work and being in college all the time will be needed in order for me to reach my goal of becoming a doctor. All these new qualities that I’m slowly starting to realize that I have are crucial for success

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