Dance Club 2019!

For the first time in La Paz, each of the 11th grade students have to collaboratively create clubs for the rest of the students to be part of. For me this is something that we really needed as students in order to socialize more with students from other grades, by being part of something that you love doing. In my case, I decided to collaborate with Melanie and Camila on this project as we all thought of doing a club about something that we enjoy doing. We decided to start a Dance Club. We first had to make a Club proposal where we explained what our plan was, our idea, purpose, and many other factors that will help us in the future. One of these was showing how creative we can be when conducting the club. We show creativity first by coming up with the idea of the club, but also when planning activities and each meeting. For example in the first meeting last week we came up with the idea of having every member introduce themselves and say what their favorite music genre is. With this we will be having an idea of what most of our activities should be based on, but of course we will be switching every time. At the same time we explained them that a music genre is not always the same as a type of dance as most of them mentioned when saying what their favorite genre to dance to is. We later on watched a video that showed the evolution of dance throughout time and they enjoyed seeing how different dancing was 100 years ago in comparison to today. Lastly, we decided to have some fun after getting to know each other and learning, by playing Just Dance. We let them choose the song and dance video that wanted to dance to and they were all having a lot of fun before going back to their regular schedules. Melanie, Camila and I have been communicating a lot and contributing to all the ideas and activities we plan on having. We came to the conclusion that Camila can be in charge mostly of the learning aspect of the club, as she has a lot of knowledge regarding this topic and a lot of practice from all the years of professionally dancing. Melanie on the other hand is very good with dancing salsa, merengue, bachata, among other types of dances that are very popular in our country. She learned these dances since she was little so she will be helping us with this part of the dance world. Lastly, I will be in charge of the technical part by getting the proyector ready, finding the videos that we will be watching and just helping in everything. Of course I will also be doing some kind of work related to dance because even though i’m not a pro or that good at it, I do love dancing and just moving my body whenever I listen to music. For the upcoming meetings, we plan on watching more videos such as tutorials, we plan on learning more about dance in general but also specific genres and lastly we want to be able to create a small choreography. This can be done as a whole group or also in smaller groups and have each one of them come up with a small choreography. At the same time we want to make awards to give out to all of them and the ones that stood out in a certain activity, dance move or the choreography. This club doesn’t really connect to our CAS project as we have the creation of the yearbook and the Boston trip, however they do share similar factors and aspects such as working collaboratively with other students, organizations and adults. And apart from staying physically active while dancing and moving around, we are also being active with what has to be done and what we want to accomplish at the end of the trimester, just as we do with both of our CAS projects. Even though it might feel overwhelming to currently lead 3 projects, where two are extremely important for the community and have to be completed in this trimester (along with all the exams and school work that we have as students) I am well aware that this will be helpful for the students that have a hard time managing their time and getting things done. This is a way for us to always be proactive, motivated and determined to accomplish our goals no matter how much time and work it takes, because at the end of the day, we are leading projects that we truly enjoy and care about.

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