This past week I took a pretty big step in my project. All the measurements are done!. Marlen the seamstress was finally able to come, I scheduled with her last wednesday and she came to school, during CAS class we went and together took all the measurements of all 14 girls. I was able to show her the fabrics that I previously bought with part of the grant that Wonderment gave to my project. I am super excited that I finally found the right moment; this now means my project has officially taken off and is in more process and progress than ever!. It is very probable that I will go see Marlen this week to see how everything is going and obviously help her with the clothing itself, I did help her take all the measurements I wrote them down for her and show her all the sketches I had made from the confernes I previously had with the girls about eh of their outfits. If she dent ome in this week, it is very probable that she will come next week to try on a couple of the designs malty the simpler ones, to see how they fit and mek adjustments. Depending on how much work she has, is how fast they will be done, but overall she is supper quick and good at what he does so I’m not worried about the time for the clothing to be done. What I am worrying about is the place, I am still trying to find one in which I can do the fashion at. I was thinking of maybe talking to the person in charge of he renting for the hotel in which my dance studio (Elevate Movement Studio) does the recital every year. I had previously asked my dance teacher, yet she said she wasn’t sure because she rented it but it was more of a favor they were givnigher because she is constant and does t every year, but I dont lose anything with trying so I will most likely figure that out this weekend.

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