Learning Outcomes

How did I feel while planning my project? As the horizon of my work with CEPIA comes to an end, I’ve found myself searching for a new project. I found it with the CAS fundraiser that we are planning as a class. The problem with this, is that I have no clue when I am going to be able to properly have a class discussion about this, due to 2 things. 1. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to sit down and spend a class or two planning this with the rest of our class, due to the business project that we currently have. Everyone needs class time to work on that, and I don’t really want to take away that time. The other problem, which leads off of the first, is that this needs to be done within a relatively short period of time, due to the fact that we need the money pronto. However, this, like my website, will be a great learning opportunity for me. I originally thought the website was going to have me talking to people more, and ended up just being a meeting with Laetitia a couple of times and a phone call to a technician. This, on the other hand, is going to require me to make phone calls and meet with people in both Spanish and English, and plan things on a large scale. This will also require me to put a significant amount of work in over a fairly short period of time, which is great for me, due to the fact that I rarely stress over school work, yet I’m stressing just sitting here and writing this journal entry. My motivation for this project will most likely consist of the stress that this is going to put me under, I will just think about it and then immediately need to work on it due to the fact that I’ll need to do something or I might go insane.

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