Business Committee Project Plans

The business committee will be leading two business seminars: one for 10-20 adults in the community and one for 10-20 high school students. We are planning on having material ready for 40 participants. We will meet with each group twice for 2 hours. Our first day of each seminar, we will review the 5Ps of business: price, product, placement, profit, and promotion. The second day, we will ask teams of participants to use the information they learned about the 5Ps to “sell” a bar of soap. The teams will be given budgets to purchase materials and they will create their businesses. Judges will decide which team best used the 5Ps of business, and the winning team will receive a cash prize. We are excited to see how the seminars will work in both groups! We know that there are small businesses in the community that sell things like sugar, soap, wheat, flour and salt. We hope these seminars will encourage more entrepreneurship in the community.

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