Cultural Committee Project Plans

The Cultural Committee has put together some great activities and presentations. Our main focus is to build bridges between the local community we are going to be visiting and our Youthlinc team. As a committee we have put together a portion of the opening ceremonies for when we arrive in Kenya, in order to include everyone on the team we have had each committee come up with part of a Disney song they can sing as that is a pretty large part of our culture. For the closing ceremonies we are planning a group wide square dancing show and will be encouraging any of the locals to join us as we demonstrate how it is done. We have also put together some ideas for the various home visits we will be going on. With polaroid cameras we will be able to make a lasting memory for the families and individuals we will be visiting. With the pictures we have also made small frames to put them in to make the gifts even more unique and meaningful. We will also be bringing solar lanterns and chickens for the families. Our committee has also come up with some great activities for the funfair, we will be having multiple booths with activities like: face painting, soccer, friendship bracelets, nail painting, photo booth, temporary tattoos, and a small spa booth. We are extremely excited for this trip and are looking forward to sharing some fun things from our culture as well as learning and experiencing so much more about culture of the wonderful people we are going to visit.

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