Factual Entry

For the past few weeks, as a group, we’ve been working on what the next step is going to be, what’s the next move and what do we see in the future for Terraza? Some of the priorities we’ve been focusing on are the next new upcoming events that will draw attention. When we’ve discussed some of the new ideas we’ve had, we would reflect upon the mistakes as well as what is it that would not draw attention and why people aren’t showing up to our events. We’ve realized that we don’t advertise properly and the only way we would promote the youth center would be above the line marketing such as social media, we are too small of a business to solely promote on social media and we need to promote directly to our demographic. Throughout these discussions, we’ve come to a conclusion that we are going to alter the way we advertise and promote directly with our demographic such as flyers, more announcements within the community and be more direct with our audience. We’ve been working on the main two upcoming events such as the dodgeball tournament and the scavenger hunt, because we’ve been so busy with our academic lives it has been hard to focus on improving our marketing skills but now that we’ve pointed out the issue and why people are not informed about these events and Terrazza in general. Another aspect we need to improve as well is to not only advertise events but to advertise the youth center, talk about the opening hours and what we stand for so people can be aware of why this project is important and why it is truly entertaining for teenagers. As well as find ways to show our audience that Terraza is giving back to the community, plan activities that help the community in some way so that Terraza can be recognized by others and will allow people to participate in future events at the youth center. Finally, after our last meeting, we’ve decided that we are going to start applying all these changes as soon as possible so that Terraza can be recognized before and during summer break, and promote our youth center to tourists that will enjoy a safe and friendly environment at Terraza during their vacation. Advertise wisely and accordingly to your community is the one thing that we need to focus on in order to be successful and improve as a whole.

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