Factual Entry About My Progress

I tried to ,make it as factual as possible: The past 3 weeks I have:
– Gotten in contact with the seamstress (Marlen)
– Brought Marlen to C.A.S class (Wednesdays)
– Together we did the following for 14 out of the 15 girls who are participating in my project (because one of them wasn’t here that day):
– Marlen and I looked at each of their designs together and discuss them with each of the girls; this just to further clarify the girls ideas and and any final details they wanted to add to their outfit.
– We took the measurements of each of the girls according to their design, meaning some required more/less/more specific measurements e.t.c
– Marlen took the notebook where I had previously stretched all the designs for each of the girls.
– She started to work on the simpler ones, considering she had other work to do.
– I kept checking in every week to see how things where going.
– – What I did his week that is about to end and am doing this upcoming week:
– On wednesday I brought in 3 of the outfits completely done, ready to be fitted
– Only 2 girls tried them on because the other girl wasn’t available
– Unfortunately Marlen couldn’t come to school to take a look at the designs on the girls, yet I took pictures
– The girls tried, I took some measurements, and gave Marlen and idea on what they need to get done
– I still need to raise money to pay the rent of the place where I am doing the fashion show so:
– I designed a big banner: with the name of the project, y slogan “support equal opportunities in education”, what my project consists of and what I want from this project.
– I also did 40 brochures with a brief description about my project, progress, “how you can help me” (donations) and my contact info.
– I attended the La Pawz show which was a dog show at school that happened today from 8:00am t 12:00pm/noon.
– I paid 3000 colones for a stand and had a donation box
– I made 13000 colones that I am saving up to be able to rent a place!
– The next 3 weeks I will hopefully:
– Marlen is hopefully coming this upcoming week (I talked to her)
– We are fitting the 3 designs that are ready and hopefully bring 2-3 more to fit as well (this week)
– Finishing all designs before the trimester ends
– Measuring the last girl that wasn’t here last time
– Perhaps attending Ruta La Paz (running marathons) and promoting/asking for donations for my project!
– Getting contact info from 3 different hotels which i have as option for potential locations for the fashion show
– Start a go fund me page for the project
– – Over vacation I will:
– Buying hair and make up stuff for the show
– Buy any accessories needed
– Figuring out hairstyles for each girl
– Figuring out prizes for tickets
– Figuring out food for the show(donations?, snack bar?… )
– Figuring out logistics for the show
– Decide on a location
– Promote project/website/go fund me page

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