These past 4 weeks I have been working on the presentation for Alejandro to ask him about about using his land, it has everything I am planning on using, and the cost, which is something else I have been working on. I have found the cost for some last minute materials that I thought of, and calculated the total cost of all the materials. I went to a dog show with my dog, and won a competition, and there I talked to a professional trader. She told me that I should keep the agility course low to the ground for some of the younger and smaller dogs that might feel scared of heights. This led me to decide that I should buy one more barrel, which can be cut in two to have two small barrels, which can be used to jump on, and to hold the equipment so that smaller dogs won’t feel scared. I also need to figure out how to make a smaller teeter-totter, and need to add the the materials necessary and their cost to my list, and that is what I am planning on doing in the next 3 weeks, along with finishing the presentation, going over it with Ms. Amy, and asking Alejandro to meet with him so that I can ask him about using his land. Then, depending on time constraints, I will buy the materials, and cut them into sizes I can use, and construct the smaller pieces of equipment; I will also continue selling at the Feria. During the summer vacation, I will try to get an internship/brigade with a dog trainer in Slovakia, and if they ignore me like they did last time I’ll volunteer at the dog shelters in the area. I will also research other recipes which I could sell at the Feria for larger profit.

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