Zeni’s Reflection Of This Trimester

During this anchor project there where definitely some feelings of
doubt around the middle of this trimester, when we where supposed to
start filming our video. We could not find any photos from our work in
seventh grade, and we couldn’t start filming the interviews because
Miss Amy was out of town and she had the microphones, and there was
nothing else we could do for our video. It felt like we where never
going to finish, and as if our project would never be publicized. What
helped with this feeling was going around, seeing how we could help
the other groups, because we got to see all the effort put into this
project besides our own, and we saw how all the work that other people
did was benefiting our project and the community. We started the
Instagram page while we waited to finish our video, and we researched
other interesting and important facts about melipona bees that we had
not previously known.

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