Greta’s Reflection

This whole trimester has been very stressful, hard, fun and I’ve learned a lot with this whole anchor project.It has taught me to not be afraid of bees and to always do my best no matter what.When they put me in the creative team I wasn’t very happy about it but then over the time and all the work I had accomplished I started to like it more and it wasn’t that bad to be in the creative group.Ive learned so many things like how to make a brochure and also it was really stressful because there was thee two days where I had to make phone calls to order out brochures and then I would also skip lunch and art to work on this, so it was basically taught me a lot of things that I was really surprised at myself for doing them.Also after doing all this work I felt really productive and I felt really proud about my self.
There was some challenges over doing this but I stayed calmed and didn’t really stress about them and did what I had to do.

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