Overall Reflection From Emily

Some obstacles that I faced in this project the first thing eighth grade did was to investigate about the bees, the teacher was very afraid to bring bees because she is allergic to the bite, she was told about other bees without stingless and from there she has the idea to bring stingless bees to the institution. We wanted to create a project that will benefit the community. Some obstacles in this project is for example when I could not deliver the task on time because I had problems with the computer. One way to improve my obstacles is to collaborate in the name of the logo at school, to help my partners in certain things. Also another obstacle was to put a price on things to sell at the feria, since there were many objects to sell and everything was complicated when we all had stress. But everything improved when we collected the objects and sold them, we gained a good increase of money and we used it to improve the area of the bees.

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