Planning Sophie

I feel that the planning process in general of our project was kind of all over the place. I feel that we never really knew what was coming next until we finally got the bees. Getting the bees took quite a while even after we had researched everythig we needed to know. Now that we do have the bees on campus and are taking care of them I feel that everything is going smoothly. We had an event on saturday that I was not there for, but from what I heard everything went very well and we were very succesful. Planning that event did not take us long and I think our plan was very effective. The purpose of our activity was to show people that we are now a real project that they might actually be interested in. We chose to do it at the La Paws dog show because many familys attended and this year it was made into more of a display of everybodys anchor projects. I think we met our goals of spreading the word about our project and I am very happy to see it finally expanding.

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