Hunter Planning And Initiating The Showcase At The La Paws Dog Show

One challenge that I had was managing the dog show. Since most of the people that said they were going to come either came late or didn’t come at all to the dog show I had to do most of their work for them and organize a new schedule. Also the brochures that we had didn’t get printed so we had to figure that out. Before I took on the new challenge I was a little stressed. I had done a lot of work the night before so I thought I would have everything ready for the morning but it turned out that I had to do a lot more than I had expected. Taking on the new challenge I felt a little overwhelmed but I also felt empowered to take charge and get everything done. Some adjectives that I would use to discribe myself are leader, perfectionist. After the dog show I felt really good that I was able to get everything done and that we managed to inform so many people and make a lot of money.

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