Ava Working Collaboratively

Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefit of working collaboratively

It was easier to work with others because I realized that I can’t do this alone and that I need help. Sometimes some people are easier to work with than others but it is about learning to work with the people that are hard to work with. I think we did well with communication and we talked to a lot of other grades and reached out for their help. We talked to the whole school for the garage sale and got everyone to work collaboratively to bring in items to help for our garage sale. My teachers really helped me in making sure I didn’t make any mistakes especially in communication with other people and classes. Adam really surprised me in how passionate he was with the fundraisers because he usually is not that excited about everything and it was actually fun to work with him. I think this experience made me realize that you will get help from the people you least expect and you should not expect too much from people or you will end up doing it all at the last minute.

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