Factual Journal Entry

I’ll be honest, it has been very hard to work on the project these past weeks, of course, I am often checking it out, and making sure it is functioning. People told me that IB would take a lot of time, but I never imagined it would take this much. It’s hard to manage the time, and this is becoming more evident this last weeks. We have multiple tests, projects, CAS, meetings, IA, presentations, Extended,essay drafts and essays. So its hard. Very hard. What have I done this past 4 weeks on the project? Well as I mentioned I have been taking daily control, check that the tank is filled up, that algae are controlled, that plants are healthy and fighting against the sunlight. I have also been working on my Club teaching kids about my project.

This week I need to clean the tank, put some nutrients and block the sun from heating up the plants roots. I will also work on cleaning that germination center which has some grass and oversized plants that makes it look abandoned.

Vacation is coming! Or should I say “oh…vacations is coming, this means, extended essay, IA, working, etc.” I’ll be very busy this summer, but the idea is to come at least one time per week to check the project and put new plants in the system. Ill will also start thinking on getting the fish, now that the rainy season is coming and this means that we will have less sunlight.

This is my update; I really hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

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