Learning Outcome Of Planning And Initiating My Project

Right now I’m still in the planning stage of my first fundraiser which is the bingo. My initial perception of how it was going to g, was that it was going to be done way earlier and at a different place, but then Miss Amy gave me the suggestion of doing it at the youth center which is Anastasia’s and Jade’s CAS project. I decided to meet with them and they agreed to it; on the other hand I had to adapt to their opening date which was initially october 27th, but it got moved a couple times and now the opening is this upcoming november 10th which means I am going to have to do the bingo the following weekend. The purpose of this bingo is to raise money to buy the fabrics and materials to make the clothing for all of those kids who are not being sponsored that are participating in the fashion show. I chose this activity because my sister did it when she was doing her CAS project and worked really well for her, therefore I decided to do something similar. The location is going to be of course the youth center, and the time is to be decided still depending on when the youth center opens. I have had to work with Jade, Anastasia, Ana Barbara form 12th grade is helping me with the planning and as well as Ananda. Other than that I went to Tamarindo with Ashley (my classmate and friend) and we asked for donations as prizes for the bingo. Lastly My goal with this activity is to ensure the entertainment of everyone, sell food during the activity for extra fundraising, and in general execute a community involving activity that helps my CAS project which supports the school’s scholarship program.

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