TeamWork was one of the principal aspects or factors that I was not very effective at because I have always enjoyed and found it more effective to work as an individual because it was either easier or convinced that more ideas could be generated which leads to success but I was wrong. At the beginning of the CAS project, I was stubborn, selfish and didn’t really care about other people’s opinions,but through the process and growth of this project I slowly learned that working collaboratively with others can leads to success faster and more efficiently which is what I have seen so far for Terraza. Some of the ways I have practiced working collaboratively is through meetings about upcoming events that we want to provide for the community, and in these meetings everyone has the freedom of speech to generate and share their ideas for upcoming events. In the beginning of this project, during these meetings I would not listen to others nor pay attention to the feedback that they would provide and this was a problem. This differs from today, because now I listen to everyone’s ideas and what they have to say for themselves when it comes to upcoming projects or events that could possibly be super successful for Terraza. Just recently we had the dodgeball tournament, and it was truly one of the best events we’ve ever had, ninety people showed up on a small court, and the event overall was super successful. The students participated with drive, competitive attitudes and put their full potential within the tournament. This day reminded me of the opening of Terraza, because it reminded me how much Terraza can do for the community and the different factors that it could provide can truly impact teenagers. There was a time when a game night event was planned, and nobody showed up but as a group we realized that the main reason why people didn’t show was because we made a poor job when it came to advertising and promoting the event, especially in a community like this where people are on social media on a daily and only focus on technology, promoting on the media will allow Terraza to gain attraction from our main demographic which are teenagers so we can provide them with the entertainment we offer. The main plan of action that we are focusing on is – promote: advertising to the right people in the right way at the right time. -teamwork: keep working with my group in a collaborative manner in order to generate more ideas and maintain a proficient environment and finally take a deep breathe, realize that there is nothing to stress about even though throwing an event can get stressful, everything will be fine and I will become successful.

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