Cas Helped Me To Be Independent

At the beginning of the experience that is CAS I wasn’t dependent, yet I wasn’t independent. Through my CAS project I learn that though it is good to ask for help and support, most of the times you just have to figure it out yourself. If you expect everyone to be available, or interested in what you are doing, then you will most likely not get anywhere. With my project there has been a lot of situations where I either did it myself or it wasn’t going to get done; especially since i’m doing my CAS project by myself, I don’t have anyone else doing things for me. Getting the fabrics for examples, yes my mom drove me there, but I had to have conferences with each of the girls, which I had to schedule 15 different meetings for, in different days, at different times. I had to figure out if i wanted to do a sketch, or I wanted to write down the type of fabric that they wanted. Situations like those seem small, but when you have to do it by yourself and independently go and actually carry out meetings; you realize that maybe you don’t need to ask 10 different people for help.
Decision making is also a huge factor that can have a big influence when being independent, you can’t blame your decision on anyone else wetyourself (not that I would ), you can regret decisions, but instead of blaming yourself you can just learn from your mistakes and apply what you learned for next time.
About 2 weeks ago I went to the dog show at school which I mentioned in my previous entry. After that day, I felt really proud of myself from going there independently, eating brochures, creating a banner and asking people for donations. Explaining and sharing with everyone about my project. Moments like these make me take risks, it was a risk that no one donated, it was a risk that not many people would show up, yet I still did it. As a result I also got recognition, I felt even happier and proud of myself, when Miss Amy told me that what I did was awesome, she loved my stand and so did everyone who approached it.
Overall being independent can teach you lessons, it helped me with taking risks, getting things done and feeling good about myself and my project!

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