Something That I Was Not Very Good At In The Beginning Of Cas

So, to be completely honest, when I began CAS my overall skills for co leading a project were SEVERELY lacking. I didn’t have a lot of communication skills, like the times where I did not know what we were doing for the project because I simply didn’t talk to Rochelle.
Or the times where I was given a simple research task, like figuring out how to make pesticide for bugs, and I couldn’t get my act together and figure it out. Needless to say, the mangroves had to tough that one out.
I think that because I had come from such a limited school system in the past, where we did not have projects of this scale or even type, many of the intrinsic skills my peers had were literally not present in me. I had to learn. I had to watch and be humbled by their ability to do basic stuff, actions that I struggled with, like sending emails to organisations to ask for help, or going out of their way to work on the project.

Seeing myself failing on these tasks was frustrating, I admit, but I learned a ton of valuable, basic skills that all my peers already knew. I was trailing behind, and without flinching, I lowered my head and followed their path.
Because if there’s one thing i’m decent at, in life, is learning. Maybe not learning school subjects, but learning skills, learning how to make myself useful and adapting to what my colleagues are doing. I overcame the big leap in ability that separated my class and I, and that’s something I owe entirely to CAS.

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