Learning Outcomes Of My Project

What is the purpose of my activity? Why did I choose this activity, this location, the date and time?

The reason that I chose to work with CEPIA is because I’ve always been someone who cares about people who haven’t been as fortunate with their economic situation, and it’s sometimes been hard for me to not be able to anything. My parents and I have been friends with the founder of CEPIA, Laetitia, for years now and we’ve always really liked and supported the project, and this is a chance for me to directly contribute and help in a meaningful way. This website is special to me because I’m doing something different than anyone else before. I’m not simply helping them fundraise or market, I’m doing both. I’m doing something that I both enjoy and am good at, and helping CEPIA in a way that will also help my college applications. (I honestly hadn’t even thought about this until this log entry.)

Who have I had to work with while planning the activity? How did they impact the activity?

This project, while being something that I enjoy and am definitely comfortable with, is also pushing me outside my comfort zone. I’m forced to use another language to communicate with people I’ve never met before, talking about finance and using language I might not be comfortable with. As a quiet, introverted person, I’m not super comfortable with this and it’s forcing me to change the way that I look at the world.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 7, 2018

    Dylan, this project really fits in with your strengths and is teaching you new skills and exposing you to new ideas. Keep it up!

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