Ms. Amy Gratitude Email

Dear Ms. Amy.
I wanted to thank you for supporting me throughout my CAS journey. Maybe it’s cheating to send you a gratitude email, but it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

All throughout the project you always pushed me to keep working, even when I felt like quitting. You always made sure that I had my heart in it. Seeing you organise a trip for 17 people, which is absolutely bonkers, made me rethink whether I was really giving it my all on the little responsibilities I do have.

You’ve been an essential role model to me as both a student and a person, and I aspire to be as dedicated and energetic as you are. Whenever I see you take up a new endeavor on top of all the work you already have, I feel inspired to become more active and take up more functions than just the bare minimum.

You have shaped me as a student, and shaped me as a person, and there is no way I could not be thankful for that. Thank you for helping me build the ladder that I will use to climb to success in life.

To express my gratitude, I wrote a small, humble haiku:

Always proactive
Does her very best for us
One to look up to

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