Planning And Initiating

¨Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still¨ -Chinese Proverb
Have you ever planned something that didn’t go how you expected? Have you ever felt unmotivated, disappointed, extremely sad, and lost. Well, I have. Last week, Ashley and I learned that we wouldn’t be able to go on this year´s trip to Boston with the rest of the team. We were extremely sad when we learned this especially because we were hipped up about going on this trip and had worked very hard last year to help with the fundraising. We were disappointed that a miscommunication caused it and we were unmotivated to continue this project. But I am not a quitter and neither is Ashley, we weren’t going to let this bring us down. We had to do something, but we didn’t know what or how to do something. It was almost impossible for us to raise $1000 in the little time we had. So we decided not to go this year, but to try our very best to make it happen next year. I promised myself that we would work day and night, do whatever it takes to make this project happen. We aren´t giving up on our community, we weren’t going to turn our back on all those kids. There was no way that we would just ignore those kids dreams and aspirations. We aren’t afraid, to grow slowly. This means that we will stand strong and still through all the obstacles that will come our way. We will continue this project next year, and this means we have a lot of time to plan and make progress.
Now, whereas for the yearbook project, everything is going just as planned. We aren’t going fat either but we are making sure that things get done. Last week we planned a meeting with the committee to discuss the themes we have and to make each student an account. This week the students will familiarise themselves with the program and will learn how to use it based on the presentation we will give. In this meeting we will plan our first fundraiser for this project, we will plan the when, where, and what. We have an idea for the first fundraiser to do a bake sale. However, we also have the idea to do a soccer or dodgeball tournament. This is a fun activity to fundraise and to interact with friends. The perceptions I have of planning an activity like this are just positive. I know I am working along with people who are helpful, organized, responsible, and determined. My perceptions of how these activities will go are also positive, I know how well activities like these go. I mean everyone likes to eat baked goods especially if they have chocolate. Now it’s fair to say that teenagers love to hit each other with balls but in a fun healthy way. I know that the community will participate in an activity like this and will support our CAS project. Now, the purpose for an activity like this is to be able to raise money to pay for the program Pictavo and to be able to cover the scholarship students´ yearbook. However, we not only plan to raise money but also to bring the community together to play a healthy active and fun dodgeball or soccer tournament. The reason for this is because we feel like school has now become a routine. We feel like students in Chirripo don’t really get to interact with younger grades or even with people their age. We really don’t have activities that involve a healthy competition between grades or advisory´s which is why we want to do something like this. To plan this activity the entire yearbook committee will be participating and helping organize it. We are very happy with the group of students we are working with. They are helpful and care deeply for this project. They have a positive impact on us like the leaders because they help us deal with all the stress and provide solutions to problems, they are creative and love to share ideas, and they are always ready and prepared to go.
So overall, we are working with no rush, we are taking our time but getting things done. We understand the importance of communication now and will make sure this doesn’t happen again. We are not quitting, this is just another obstacle in our way to success and it’s something we have to face with motivation and with the want and need to succeed. Because when life gives you lemons you make a lemonade. We will continue to give this project our best, and won’t let anything stop us from making this wish a reality. On the other hand, the yearbook will continue as strong as it is and will keep making progress.

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