Being Grateful!

In my opinion the quote by Jimmy Casas must be heard by society more often. I have always believed that no matter what the circumstances are, you should be thankful for the people around you that care about you, love you, help you and are always there when you need them. It doesn’t matter if what you receive from others is big or small, what matters is the effort they showed because at the end of the day, you will learn from what that person had to offer even though you might think it’s not necessarily. Regarding our projects, it’s really hard to talk about one person that helped us succeed this trimester and year. First, I would have to say that the number one help I received this year was my family because they have always showed their effort into giving me time and motivation I need in order to continue giving the best. Followed is my teachers that have all helped me in this process of IB and I believe that they will continue helping us for the rest of this journey. Of course 1 teacher that stands out of the group is Miss. Amy because apart from being a business teacher who always finds a way for us to understand the content and terminology of business, she also puts a lot of time and effort into our CAS journeys especially with Melanie and I as we had to start and continue two projects that are very significant to our community and that are really challenging yet beautiful at the same time. One thing that I got to do that made me extremely proud is the fact that we got to submit the yearbooks on time. We did have many obstacles, challenges, ups and downs throughout the entire time, but what kept us going was Miss Amy’s help and reminding us that we are capable of achieving our goals. Another example of an achievement I accomplished throughout this year was raising half of the money that we need for the Boston project. This might not seem like a very high number, but Melanie and I worked hard to set up the two campaigns and share them with the community. We achieve this thanks to Abby who was always there to help us, guide us and constantly showing that she wanted to be part of this project which is something that we are really thankful for. There are 20 more people to which we are thankful for as they provided us helped, in one way or another. Even though it was as simple as giving me advice on a certain situation, I still benefited from that. For these reasons is that not just in CAS or in school, but in my life I will always be thankful for those who contribute to my growth and success as a person.

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