During this summer, I am away for a solid two months, so it will be a challenge to keep up with the youth center at all times but my creativity can still be applied even though I am miles away from Terraza. During this summer, I have taken classes of art with the elderly not to only improve my artistic and creative side but to de-stress as an individual because of how chaotic my academic life has been and will be in the next year. Being anxious has always been part of my daily routine, and overthinking aspects of my life has always been part of who I am. and because school is so important to me, and making sure that everything is perfect is crucial to my routine as well. Throughout this summer, I’ve slowly started to realize that no it shouldn’t be a priority to stress about every little thing, and for me to work on these different stress levels that are clearly affecting my academic and social life I’ve decided to take art classes to take care of this stress but as well as improve my artistic and creative side which can easily be applied to many different parts of my life including my CAS project. Creative thinking is a huge part of this project which goes in hand with critical thinking and brainstorming creative ideas for upcoming events and ways to allure our demographic by applying that creativity within our marketing. It’s important to thinking creatively in order to be successful when it comes to marketing to our demographic at terrazzo. I never really considered myself as a creative individual when it came to art, drawings, posters, etc… But for marketing, it is crucial to use these strategies of personal interaction when Terraza is located in such a small community, where a balance of social media and direct marketing can be used such as flyers and posters in which creativity can be applied on too in order to allure the audience in a beneficial manner. Not only these art classes are going to help me with my artistic and creative thinking but it will help me create a balance and keep my stress levels at a low so I can manage my academic life and social life effectively.

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