Throughout this summer, I’m not just enjoying myself but I am also learning and educating myself as I go. During this summer, I learned a lot about climate change and how it is really starting to affect the world slowly but surely. I was in Belgium most of the time during this summer, and Belgium was greatly affected by the famous heatwave that was all over the news. The temperature of most countries in Europe was at the highest temperature that had ever been recorded in history due to the change in climate in our world, and what is the source of this? Pollution. The human expansion of the greenhouse effect, which is when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth to space. One huge factor I learned about this global warming issue, is if the population of the earth keeps this routine of polluting the earth for a long period of time, it is estimated that by 2050, most countries will have an increase of two degrees celsius which isn’t a large increase but proves that climate change is slowly getting worse because of our inhumane actions. Through educating myself upon this topic, Terraza can create awareness and become active by applying this awareness within our community, it might not provide a huge change but will project the awareness of climate change and create a ripple effect in other communities. This is a way of giving back to the community by being active and aware upon this topic that is slowly worsening and we need to take action now before it is too late. Through the use of our creative thinking, we can brainstorm ideas to promote this awareness of climate change pollution, such as an ocean clean while surfing and then cook pancakes at Terraza as a reward which will allure the demographic into completing this activity. This could be an idea for a future event to create awareness and take action upon this topic of climate change by educating others about this topic and create awareness because this topic is crucial, especially when I was able to witness this issue during the summer break.

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