As a youth center, we stand for always somehow giving back to the community because we want to promote the idea of learning through diverse activities. We don’t just want to academically teach students new knowledge but we want to make sure that these teenagers have fun while educating themselves. As a youth center, it’s our job to make sure that we stick with our mission statement and the reason that our demographic comes to Terraza is to learn through diverse activities. During this summer, I realized that I had a solid amount of work to do for school but I made sure that I did in a diverse manner for example my extended essay, writing for a long period of time isn’t so entertaining but for me in order for me to write effectively and not get distracted or bored, I decided to do it somewhere else rather than my room, for example, go to a coffee shop because I love coffee and that’s what motivates me. Finding that one thing that motivates you to learn or give back to the community is what will allow for improvement. As well as, back in trimester three, when I would do work, I would never give myself a break, or create balance for myself but throughout this summer I’ve developed a new routine where I exercise in between my working hours to create a healthy balance for myself and this is what we want to project at Terraza, the in-between working hours or studying hours for teenagers, being balanced is crucial and this what I’ve not only observed at Terraza but as well as during this summer. Studying for hours without a break won’t lead to success but will lead to cramped work which isn’t effective. I haven’t just applied this to myself, but I want Terraza to promote that more effectively through personal interaction and direct marketing, using our creativity to market the idea of how Terraza is only an educational place with diverse activities but it also a place that gives back to the community through promoting balance for teenagers that are struggling with a lack of balance within their routine such as myself. Telling that story to our demographic will allure them into using that opportunity to create a healthy balance for themselves.

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