Initiating And Planning Our Yearbook Committee!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I was really nervous when we were planning and initiating our yearbook project. Since we started planning for our CAS projects, I immediately knew that this was going to be what I wanted to do. Melanie and I talked about it and decided on collaborating in this project, in order to truly make a different yearbook this year. I remember that at first it felt as if we didn’t have much to plan or organize, but after we talked with Miss. Amy and also with Willa, we got informed of all the factors that go into the yearbook committee. As it might not be a lot of work compared to other projects, it truly is a task that takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. We knew that we didn’t want to leave everything for last minute, which would have resulted in an accumulation of work and stress for the second trimester. For this reason is that we decided to plan and get ourselves organized before the new school year started. Right now, we know what we are doing and have to do, as we successfully planned the start of our project, but there are still a lot of things that have to be completed hopefully throughout this trimester. Some tasks that we want to complete or even get started on is fundraising money to lower the price of the yearbook, to pay for the scholarship students and to pay the inscription for Pictavo. We plan on getting all this money from small events that we will be doing as a committee and hopefully by selling as many ads as possible, which we hope to do that as early as possible. Another task we have to do is start recollecting pictures from all the grades and events, as fast as we can. If we do this, we won’t be stressing and having to desperately ask for them during the second trimester. These are the main tasks that we have to still focus on, but other than that, the main factors of the project have been successfully completed, due to our organization and planning before we even started.
The main purpose of this project is to create the annual school yearbook for our community, made with love, hard work and effort from us as the leaders, and the entire Yearbook Committee. A yearbook is something that truly represents a school and without it, It would feel as if we were missing an important part of the year. As I mentioned before, we’ve had to work mainly with Willa who was the previous leader of this project, but also Miss. Amy, our CAS teacher and Miss. Kerry who has been the mentor of this project throughout the years. Without the tips, advices and help from Willa, we would’ve had much more difficulties trying to figure out where to start and how to do certain things related to the Pictavo Program. She will be continuing as our guide through this process as we still have to learn how to use the tools in Pictavo to insert all the students portraits in the right way and not make any mistakes. Miss. Amy has been there to help us communicate with April, a representative of Pictavo (Walters Publishings), in order for us to effectively set up and account and fill in a form of what we want in our yearbook. Without her, it would’ve been hard to do this and she’s there in general to help us with anything. Lastly, Miss. Kerry is someone that we haven’t talked to that much, but she personally informed us that she was there whenever we needed help and she will be helping us with what theme to use for this yearbook. Now, my goal for this project is to create this amazing and unique yearbook that all the community will be talking about. I don’t just want to base it on photos of us and events of the school, but I also want to bring awareness and let everyone know of all the good things that our community members do in order to help the environment or the place that we live in. Personally, I learned that it’s better to start planning and initiating any sort of project beforehand, as it will actually help you in the future when you actually start your project. It’s a way for you to stay on top of everything and never fall behind!
These are some of the documents we have used since before we started our project, in order to keep everything organized:

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